Let’s make America great again

I’ve always loved the United States of America. Or at least for as long as I can remember. I moved to the border in Mexico when I was 8 years old from Mexico City. I loved going on weekend trips with my family to El Paso, TX. It was the perfect opportunity for me to… Continue reading Let’s make America great again


Another Mother Runner Ragnar DC video

Here’s one more link for your viewing / listening pleasure that recaps our Mother Runner experience at Ragnar. The video was put together by Dimity of Run Like a Mother. The song was written and sung by Aimee Busby Hoyt. The song was used as her and her BRF Jill Pohle Broderick’s entry into the Ultimate Mother Runner Showdown.

The little mother that could

When you have a mother that is given 4 days off and she chooses to go and run a Ragnar 200 miles relay race, you know you have a BADASS Mother Ragnar Runner. Well, Actually, you have 24! This past June I was lucky to be selected as a member of one of the Another… Continue reading The little mother that could


Coming to terms with being selfish

Tomorrow, I will embark in a wonderful adventure…and I am NOT doing it for my kids, or my husband or a charity . I am taking 2 days of work, and I am not using them to take my kids to their annual physical or to do house renovations, or to volunteer at my son’s… Continue reading Coming to terms with being selfish


Everything is relative

God BLESS my husband. He took my kids to a movie and dinner so I could get in my 20 mile training run this past Saturday. He even brought me back beef tacos to refuel when I was done! When they came back I was still 3 miles short from goal so he took my… Continue reading Everything is relative


The best way to find out where you chaffed after a long run

The best way to find out where you chaffed after a long run is definitely stepping in a hot shower. Although the burning sensation on funny places came over me as soon as I got in the hot shower, just after finishing my first of 2 20 milers in preparation for my 2 big races… Continue reading The best way to find out where you chaffed after a long run


So this is really happening

Only 2 weeks to go… Ragnar is happening, and here is the lovely team of ladies who are in my team: http://anothermotherrunner.com/2013/09/22/team-sarah/ I am starting to have panic attacks… but it is going to be so much fun! Advertisements