Coming to terms with being selfish

Tomorrow, I will embark in a wonderful adventure…and I am NOT doing it for my kids, or my husband or a charity . I am taking 2 days of work, and I am not using them to take my kids to their annual physical or to do house renovations, or to volunteer at my son’s Boy Scouts Den. I am taking them for ME…to drive 6 hours from CT to MD and get on a van with another 11 amazing women, Badass mother runners, just like me. My tribe called and I heard them.

I have worked so hard on the last 5 months to get here. Nutrition. Training, work-training-life balance, juggling a full time job, 2 kids, a husband and a house to run…so hard… That I deserve doing this for ME.

I am over feeling guilty for leaving my children and husband for this. For the next 4 days it’s all about my passion,my running and new friends. Kindred souls that will merge as one team from all over the country, all backgrounds, all faiths , races and beliefs…and we will come together for one thing….run from Cumberland,MD to Washington,DC as one.

For the next 4 days, there will be no guilt, no regrets, no fears…. Just pure joy knowing I am doing this for myself and I am finally reaping the goods after training and working so hard for this…

When I get back home, I can get back to being a good mom, wife and employee… But starting tomorrow until Sunday morning…… It is all about me… And that’s OK…I’ve earned…


One thought on “Coming to terms with being selfish

  1. Don’t ever feel guilty about taking time for yourself! It’s much needed for you to recharge and refocus! I think it helps you realize what’s truly important in life when you take a few days to focus inwardly. Have fun on your mini 4 day vacation. Sounds fantastic 🙂

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