The best way to find out where you chaffed after a long run

The best way to find out where you chaffed after a long run is definitely stepping in a hot shower.

Although the burning sensation on funny places came over me as soon as I got in the hot shower, just after finishing my first of 2 20 milers in preparation for my 2 big races of the year: Ragnar DC and the ING NYC marathon, I felt accomplished…BADASS.

I confronted fear and conquered. 2 years ago I had a brutal experience with my first marathon. I did not train properly and it took me almost 6 hours to finish. 8 blisters in my feet, abdominal cramps and mentally unprepared I suffered through the course of the Disney World marathon. After I finished and promised I would never run a full marathon again, I made a second promise….if I ever did run another one, I would train properly…a year and a half later I found out I had finally made it into the NYC marathon and since this was a “bucket running list item” I started my training.

Yesterday, I claimed victory over fear, doubt and uncertainty and I did it. Not only did I run on a treadmill for the whole time, but I also used my Crocs to avoid feet Inflammation and blisters… I paced myself and took my gels at the right time, and when I was done, I knew I would have no problem finishing the remaining 6.2 miles on the day of the race.

My legs are fresh today, and my spirits high… All the training has paid off…I am ready.

Next week, I hit Ragnar DC with my team of Bad Ass Mother Ragnar Runners #BAMRR and in a month I will be found at he start line of the greatest marathon in the world.

See you soon NY!




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