Yes. Vibrams are comfortable


“Yes, they are comfortable”, is my reply to anyone who asks me in races if Vibrams are good to run with. I’ve completed 4 half marathons on my lovely Komodos that are minutes of coming apart, and this is the way my feet look like today after 16 miles on them. Zero blisters….

I know Vibrams are not for everyone, AND that you really need to ease into them slowly. They don’t work for everyone and some people have gotten hurt. Yes it happens. However how many thousands and thousands of runners have gotten injured while training on very padded running shoes?

I’ve run exclusively on Vibram five fingers for the last three years have loved every minute of it. I will never go back to running shoes. They make the recovery time much faster, and my feet feel wonderful after each run. And Zero injuries after I transitioned to them.

I currently own five pairs of Vibrams. One pair for the treadmill, one pair for the summer, a couple for the Fall, Spring and early winter and I have just purchased a pair of trail Vibram shoes for a Ragnar race I am doing in a month. It has changed the way I run, My form and the way I feel and recover after each long run.

I hope I can continue to use the shoes in my marathon training and that one day I can say I have completed a full marathon on my Komodos. Even though they’re coming apart. It will be like their parting gift to me, until I can’t wear them anymore.



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