Stubbed vs. Broken

Stubbed vs. Broken

I hit my pinky toe on a leg chair yesterday…Not a huge tragedy except that I have a Ragnar race in 3 weeks that ai have been looking forward to for months….AND… the NYC marathon in 7 weeks… which is the most coveted item on my running bucket list at the moment.

Yesterday after I got hurt, I was able to manage to run on it 7 miles without issues. YES… I KNOW… I KNOW… pretty stupid… but don’t lie to yourselves. You know you’ve run through pain at some point… we all do. It makes is feel Bad A##

Anyhow, after sipping the toe in hot water with Epson salts, and then in ice water and a couple of ibuprofens later, the toe woke up today not purple but red. I guess that is a good sign. It may just be stubbed after all.

Today is rest day. We shall see how it looks tomorrow. Training plan calls for 16 miles! the longest run on my marathon training so far. We will have to sit and wait.

Being hopeful.


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