The perks of marathon training

The perks of marathon training

I have to say that with all the complaining I have been doing on how much I have been running on the #MarathonTraining plan, I have to accept I love the fact that I can eat more “junk yummy food. It pays off to be burning over 1,000 calories per run….

Even to oversee the fact that I hit my pinky toe and it may be broken. I ran 7 miles on it, but it is definitely tender. No purple color or bruising yet. I will focus on enjoying the beer and pizza in the meantime. No need to worry now.


One thought on “The perks of marathon training

  1. I kind of disagree a little. It’s not just an issue of how many calories you can ‘get away with’, but whether or not you treat your wonderful faithful body cells with great nutrients that either make them happier and healthier, or struggle more. 🙂

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