My most important mile

I have been reading a lot about other people’s “Most important miles”. That got me thinking tonight during my night 6 mile run (which I Really did not want to do at 9 pm after a busy weekend on the treadmill) which was mine.

My conclusion was actually fairly simple. I am not sure if it was the endorphins running though my brain and bloodstream or the fact that I was about to break my training streak because I really did not feel like running today. It has been 12 weeks of gruelling marathon training for me and I have not broken the training or the miles since I started. Tonight was not the night.

I thought about my impending Ragnar race next month, and the ladies in my team that are all enduring the same nature of training or in many cases, they have it worse than I do: more kids, less sleep, harder hills, etc. I thought about the New York City marathon that I am running in 2 months. I thought of my friend Dimity’s wise words: “Don’t think…just go”, and so, I did.

So, my most important mile is then, the first mile of every run I do not want to do, but have the courage to finish.

Tonight, I have a little more self respect for myself and I even feel a little proud of the fact that my husband calls me “crazy or obsessed”….I would instead use the words “strength and dedication”.


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