Running in the Fall

and just like that.. the summer is over.

I had some very happy running moments this summer. Did my 3rd half marathon and PRd on it big time, Took my running partner to her longest run beyond 10 miles, participated on one of my fave running podcasts as a guest, and most of all… sucked it up through the heat and humidity…

My prize for all these is being able to run in New England in the Fall and see this when I do.

this is one of the beautiful views I enjoy when runnig in my hood
my view during yesterday’s run. Follow my FB page: The things I see when I run, and share your running pics here:

I was meant to run the “Runner’s world 1/2 marathon” this weekend but it won’t happen for me this year.

My husband got injured last weekend and cut a trip I was enjoying alone with my parents short. Came back home and flew across the country to get to him and my kids…

Although I am bummed that I don’t get to run this awesome event this year, this is a reminder of how important it is that I keep myself healthy, for myself and for my family. So, tears aside, I am happy and proud I am strong and here for my family and hopefully, Marathon Fall season has just started…

Happy running!