You must do the thing you think you cannot do---Eleanor Roosevelt
one of my favorite running mantras

I am always finding ways to get inspired. This is my favorite running quote and I try constantly to put it in practice on my training. Last night, while visiting London for Business, I think I got over inspired after having an exciting running related conversation with one of my British co-workers, so, after having 2 glasses of wine after work, I walked back to my hotel to lace up my shoes to go out for a night run.

The day before I had suffered some foot damage as I have started to train in VFF (Vibram Five Fingers).

I had to run in a treadmill at the hotel as there were rumors of a riot outbreak in Central London after students were protesting the government for increased College Tuition.

To play it safe I stayed in and ran in the vibrams in the Hotel Gym. As a result of that, I ended up getting 2 little blisters that were bothersome but not painful. So as inspired as I was, I figured it would be OK to put some blister bandaids on and run in my nicely padded nike’s.

It was one of those MAGICAL runs were I got the runner’s high as I an next to the Thames in a crisp and clear London Sky. The music drove me through the streets and bridges and I even got a chance to do a sightseeing stop to take some pics.


After I came back, still feeling the high as sweat dripped through my forehead and a frozen smile in my lips, the pain in the foot came back. I quickly got to my room and sat on the bed. Almost fearful to take my sock of, because I knew it was not going to be a pretty sight.. I slowly removed the sock and the bandaid…HOLY COW! I had bubbly fluid coming of the blisters that were now twice as big.


I know I made a BAD judgement call last night in going out like this but as a runner, I know all of you will understand. I did what I was afraid of and was well worth it. I have been through a running rut for months now after several back to back injuries, that were the actual reason I decided to switch into barefoot-minimalistic running, to see if that could help me get better for my marathon in January. The pain is bad today, but mentally, last nigh’s run got me back my confidence as a runner. It also made me appreciate the training I get at home in the very hilly Connecticut forest. Running last night in flat London streets, made me realize how fast and strong I can be now. I was doing 7 1/2 to 8 minute miles! to me that is huge as I usually do 10-10 1/2 minute miles at home.

The pain I feel today as I take every step I need as I walk, will be a reminder that I took over the fear… of failure, or pain, of myself. I conquered it… and it was worth it. I feel like a million bucks!

My runner co-worker shared with me his latest running mantra :  He said that when he hurts he says “Hi Pain! you are here. Would you join me for a run? enjoy it while it lasts because when I am done, so are you. I control you pain. I invite you to join me. Come…”




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